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941 Dragonfly (CL) - Pint Other products by Spectrum Glazes Inc

Item No. SPGP941
6 available

Mid-Fire Glaze of the Month - March 2013
Low-Fire Glaze of the Month - March 2013

Reminiscent of the iridescent hues of the perennial spring childhood favorite of the same name, Spectrum’s Dragonfly is a beautiful blue-green glaze with subtle flecks of black throughout. It is mostly opaque, though the flowing nature of this glaze will result in some variegation of colour when it breaks over sharp edges or high relief. Dragonfly is nice when layered with a contrasting glaze, such as Strawberry or Oxblood, or with a more closely related glaze with a shared hue, such as purple haze, which brings out the blue in both glazes, or Old Copper, which mingles the greens.

Lead-free and dinnerware safe when fired correctly. This glaze has a Health Label for use in the unfired state. This is due to the presence of copper oxide and/or nickel oxide exceeding the prescribed limits.

Children younger than 7th grade, the physically or mentally handicapped, and any persons who cannot read or understand the safety labeling on product packages can NOT use this product.

CL Label

Materials that bear a Health Label should be used only by those persons who are able to read, understand, and follow suggested safety precautions for handling those materials. The Caution Label signifies that although the product contains a toxic element, it can be handled safely if the directions on the container or packaging are followed.
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