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AMACO Glazes: AMACO formulates and manufactures over 500 “AP” Non-Toxic LEAD FREE glazes intended for school use in grades K-12. In addition, they make about 50 “CL” LEAD FREE glazes suitable for use in grades 7-12+ with adult supervision. Please note: All “CL” (cautions required) glaze colors are prohibited for use in grades PreK-6. AMACO only manufactures LEAD FREE products in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.


Low-Fire (Cone 06-04)

LG Series: Gloss Glazes that flow slightly during firing to a high gloss finish, correcting most application imperfections.

F Series: Semi-opaque glazes that fire to a high gloss.

LT Series: No two pieces are ever alike due to the many variations in visual texture which occur during firing the glazes in this series.

O Series: High gloss opalescent glazes that flow thin on relief and thick into incised areas to highlight texture on pieces. Look best over red clays.

A Series: Lowfire glazes that mimic the look of high fired reduction stoneware glazes. Best appearance over textured red clays.

CTL Series: Novel, unique glazes with multi-colored effects that fan out on flat horizontal surfaces and run on vertical pieces.

LM Series: Smooth, satiny glaze finishes for a variety of forms and effects.

ST Series: A unique stone-like surface that flows a little during the firing to settle into incised areas. Good on white clays, but great over red clays.

GDC Series: This line of majolica glazes has been discontinued by AMACO and is only available while supplies last.

Specialty: A variety of interesting glazes are available in this section, including: 5 lustrous glaze colors, Arroya glazes, White Pebble, Snowfluff, Overdrift, White Crawl, &Texturizer

AC Series: 4 ounce jars of dry glaze crystals may be added into any liquid low fire glaze to create your own unique color combination, similar to the CTL series.

TP Series: Teacher's Palette gloss glazes are completely intermixable so they can be blended with each other or any of the TC Teacher's Choice glazes to create an infinite color palette.

TC Series: Teacher's Choice gloss glazes are great for teachers on a budget. Eight cost-effective, brilliant colors available by the gallon.

Class Packs: Get the most out of your budget with these affordable class pack glazes.


Mid-Fire (Cone 5-6)

PC Series: Hands-down, one of the most popular glaze series at Bracker's. Achieve Cone 10 reduction effects in a mid fire electric kiln oxidation firing.

HF Series: The Sahara High Fire glazes are compounded to match mid fire porcelain and stoneware bodies. This line includes matte, textured, glossy, opaque, and semi-translucent glazes that work well when fired in both oxidation and reduction.

PA Series: Pompeian Ash glazes are similar to a Cone 10 ash glaze, but at mid fire temperatures.



Specialty: Underglaze pencils, chalks/crayons, and watercolors (in semi-moist pans and tubes) expand your abilities to cross-over from a 2D artist to a 3D artist by turning clay into your canvas in a smooth transistion because you're using a medium similar to something you're already familiar with.

DV Series: Designer velvets are based on the Velvet Underglaze line, but have speckles added to create a unique appearance.

LUG Series: Concentrated, opaque underglaze colors that may be used in a variety of different ways.

Class Packs: Get the most out of your budget with these affordable class pack glazes.

SS Series: Sunstrokes include 6 intense colors that are formulated for low fire and raku firings, with or without a clear glaze.

V Series: Velvets semi-translucent underglazes offer two finish possibilities. When left unglazed, they have a velvety appearance, but with a clear gloss glaze on top, the colors are intensified.



Raku: Glazes for a very unique - and fun! - type of glaze firing. Results are often variable and unpredictable.

SE Series: AMACO Engobes come dry, in a 1 pound jar. "Engobe" is basically a fancy French word for a decorative clay slip.

Rub n Buff Series: NON-FIRING PRODUCT. Lustrous wax-metallic finishes made from imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and select pigments.