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Arroya Black - 4 oz jar Other products by AMACO/Brent

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All colors in the Arroya series are LEAD FREE and AP Non Toxic.


Cone 05-6 Arroya glazes from AMACO® are textured and produce a unique "carved" effect when fired. Use over gloss and matte unfired glazes. Arroya glazes are best applied with a fully loaded fan blender for all-over coverage or with a sponge when using a pouncing method. The heavier the application, the larger the break-up effect and the more matte the finish.

Arroya Black, White, Brown and the NEW Soft White and Soft Black are special glazes designed to make interesting patterns in almost any glaze from cone 05 to 6. Arroya glazes are applied over the normal 3 coats of any brushing glaze and may be applied in 2 or 3 coats. Do not apply Arroyas to dipping glazed pots. Arroyas contain a lot of binder which is needed to keep the glaze attached to the piece when the glaze cracks. Applying Arroyas to a dipping glaze without binder will cause the glaze to flake off the pot and fuse to the kiln shelf. Two coats will develop a fine crack pattern and three coats will develop a larger pattern. Coats of glaze need to be applied as soon as the previous coat has lost its sheen. This is because the Arroya glazes need to “mud crack” before the piece is placed in the kiln. If the glaze doesn’t crack outside the kiln, no pattern will be seen on the fired piece. Set the glazed piece on the kiln shelf it will be fired on to avoid having to handle the piece after the glaze has cracked and dried.

Fire the piece to the cone value of the base glaze. The Arroya will take on the character of the base glaze. A stiff non-flowing glaze will have a very distinct pattern and a soft fluid glaze will blend with the Arroya for a very natural look. The NEW Soft White and Soft Black work just like the regular Arroya glazes but are softer and will melt into base glazes better. Get all 5 and try them on all your glazes. You will get some wonderful results on almost every base glaze you try.

Recommended firing temperature for Arroya glazes is Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C). These glazes must be applied to mature Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C) bisque.

Arroya glazes come in liquid form in four ounce jars.

AMACO Arroya glazes
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