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Celery Opulence C/6 #616 Other products by Mid-South Ceramic Supply

Item No. OG616

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Over a light colored clay Over a dark colored clay


Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company has developed reliable, consistent, vibrant colors that can be used alone, mixed together, or blended with an Opulence base glaze. All Opulence Glazes are Lead and Barium Free. They can be dipped, poured, sprayed, or brushed without the addition of deflocculants, binders, etc.


Mixing 5 pounds - mix with 4.5 pounds of water. Sieve through an 80 mesh screen.

Mixing 25 pounds - mix with 22.5 pounds of water. Sieve through an 80 mesh screen.

Suggested Specific Gravity - 154-156



Opulence Gloss Glazes REDUCTION LOOK GLAZES: Numbered 600-699
These glazes are Glossy and are formulated to form a gas or wood fired look in a C/6 electric kiln. Reduction Look glazes do flow and break into secondary colors.
Ideas and tricks to produce interesting and unique effects. Results may vary, and testing of any method is strongly encouraged and recommended.

  • If you are having problems with Opulence Glazes settling out between use, try adding MAGMA or ¼# to ½# bentonite per 5# to the dry glaze before mixing.
  • Add Mason Stains to any Opulence Glaze to create a customized color palette.
  • Overlap different Opulence Glazes to create interesting color and texture combinations.
  • Intermix different Opulence Glazes for unique colors and effects.
  • Opulence Glazes can go hotter than Cone 6 - try it on the inside of a piece fired to Cone 8 or 10 for a flowing, liquidy look.
  • Sprinkle dry Mason Stains or oxides over wet Opulence Glaze.
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