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Custom Clay Stamps

Use the coupon code brackers to receive a 5% discount on your stamp order through ClayStamps.com for a custom engraved stamp from artwork provided by you. Your signature. Your logo. A slogan. Use your imagination to come up with dozens of ideas for your custom engraved brass clay stamp. More information available from the ClayStamps.com website. This item is included in the Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc. website for informational purposes only. Please direct any purchase inquiries to LeRoy Grubbs, owner of ClayStamps.com.

Claystamps.com custom brass stamp for artists

Instructions and Tips to making a great ceramic stamp


Signatures, Initials and hand drawn designs

  1. Print the order form or request an order form be emailed to you.
  2. For best results use a very fine liquid rollerball style pen on a gloss paper (i.e. photo printer paper or similar). You can do many signatures or drawings until you get the look you like, don’t worry about the size. Circle the image(s) you like. If necessary, the size can be easily adjusted to within the two inch requirement.   Please indicate if there is a specific size requirement or preference.
The most common sizes for signature stamps is 1 to 2 inches in length. Stamps can be made in any size, but keep in mind the larger the stamp, the more pressure needed to get a good impression and they are less versatile for placement on your clay work.


  1. If you'd rather not have a written signature or hand-drawn sketch, a variety of fonts and sizes are available. Please indicate your desired font and size as well as a second choice just in case your font isn’t available.
  2. Fonts may also be laid out on curves, circles, seals etc. and an additional charge may apply. Include a sketch of the look you want on the order form or just fax a drawing to us. Please also include desired dimensions and fonts or style of font you prefer.
When possible use thin, open styles of fonts and try to avoid bold styles. Bold fonts require more pressure to stamp and don’t transfer as well.

Stamps from your existing logo

  1. They can make stamps from your logo from a high quality B&W image or digital art (preferred)
  2. Preferred digital art formats: .pdf, .tif, .png, .psd, (600-1000 dpi greyscale or B&W), .ai or .eps (converted to outlines). If these file formats are not available send what you have. In most cases, Claystamps.com can make your file work for your needs. If necessary, the size can be adjusted, just tell us what size you want it.

Digital art can be emailed to: info@claystamps.com. Please include your name, mailing address, phone number and desired dimensions of image.


Please place your order and make payment through the ClayStamps.com website.   All orders must be paid to ClayStamps.com in advance of the stamp being created.


It takes about 3 – 4 weeks to make custom engraved clay stamps. Rush service for certain orders may be available.   ClayStamps are produced in batches of 15-20 stamps, therefore enough orders must be accumulated to fill the kiln before each firing (engraving).

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