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POLICIES: General Information | Shipping & Receiving



Placing Orders

Orders may be placed here online or by phone, mail, fax, or e-mail. When picking up an order at Bracker's, in Lawrence, Kansas, please allow sufficient notice for materials that need to be weighed out and assembled.


The Difference Between a Commercial and a Residential Address (UPS Shipments)

If you are having your order shipped to someone's home, your order is sent to a residential address. Orders sent to a business, school, or office building are shipped to a commercial location. In general, if one or more people live at the location, it's considered a residential address. If you have your business or studio at your home, it still needs to be shipped as a residential shipment. UPS establishes the rules for a commercial location. They also consider a dorm a residential address, though classroom and administrative buildings on campus are commercial. Shipping to a commerical location is generally $1.00 to $2.00 per package cheaper because it is more likely someone will be there to sign for the package.


Sales Tax

Sales tax is not charged on orders shipped outside the state of Kansas. This may change if new state or federal sales tax laws are passed in the future (rumors of this happening have been floating around for the past couple of years, but who knows if or when this will happen). If you are in the state of Kansas and have a sales tax exemption number already on file, the first order you place online will show tax until we can verify you are tax exempt and adjust your order. Once we receive it and identify that you are tax exempt, we will enter that in the online database so it applies to your first order and subsequent orders. If you don't think we have your sales tax exemption number on file, please contact us and we'll advise you on how to submit that information for our files.


School Orders

If you are ordering for a school or institution, please include a purchase order (PO) number or provide a school-issued purchasing card number. In most cases, we cannot do anything with the order when a PO number is not provided. Some schools now issue purchasing credit cards to their teachers or administrators as an acceptable alternative to the purchase order process. Most schools, as well as other organizations such as PTOs or PTAs are sales tax exempt by statute. Check with your state Department of Revenue if you are unsure. School orders are only exempt when the payment comes from the school (a check or purchasing card issued by the school or district). If you pay for a school order with personal check, cash, or a personal credit card, we will have to charge sales tax. Although we trust you, apparently the government doesn't. Sorry!


A special note to instructors
Due to OSHA specifications for toxicity, we reserve the right to substitute items that do not comply with regulations.





We welcome the opportunity to submit competitive bids for institutions and qualified dealers on any or all of the equipment, materials, and supplies for your ceramic needs.


Canceling Orders

If you place an order for items that usually ship within a week or less and wish to cancel it, you must e-mail us within 3 hours of placing the order online or calling us by 11 am, Central Time Zone (1-888-822-1982). On orders of items with a shipping time frame of more than one week, e-mail us or call within 48 hours of placing your order. In all situations, we will try our best to work with you, but some of our manufacturers have penalties for canceling an order. Any order that you attempt to cancel outside of the time frames outlined above will be subject to our discretion. If the order has already been shipped, please see our return policy.


Exchanges & Returns

A minimum 15% restocking charge may be levied when the order was filled correctly following the customer's instructions and return is requested by the customer. Please take the time when you receive your order to verify that it is correct immediately upon arrival. If you have a question or problem with any shipped or delivered order, notify us within 10 days of receipt of your order to make appropriate, authorized arrangements for return. A return merchandise authorization (RMA) number must accompany any returns or exchanges. Returns made without an authorized number will be refused. Returns need to be made with the receipt within 30 days for store credit only. NO MONETARY REFUNDS. We reserve the right to determine the validity of exchanges and returns.


Return Exceptions

Because of various laws, risk of contamination, manufacturer policy, and return shipping damage, we have the following exceptions to our return policy:


  • Kilns and kiln controllers
  • Kiln shelves and furniture kits
  • Pottery Wheels
  • Chemicals and stains (for contamination reasons)
  • Video tapes & DVDs
  • Kiln spare parts
  • Special ordered items
  • All large equipment purchases may have cancellation fees if we have already begun processing the order


If there is any problem when your product arrives, we will always work with you and the manufacturer to get you a product that works. You also are covered under the manufacturers warranty. However, customers cannot return a wheel or kiln just because they have changed their mind.



Most orders will be filled and shipped quickly, but we can’t guarantee that any particular item will be in stock all the time. If your order can’t be filled completely within about a week, unavailable items may be backordered and shipped when in stock. If part of your order is really important and the rest of the items are things you don’t need as urgently, please let us know.



If you are paying by credit card (not check or p.o.), we pre-authorize the charges on your credit card during the checkout process. This verifies that you typed in the correct info and that you have not reached your card limit. Your card is not actually charged until we ship your order.


If you have some notes to us in the comments or if there are any pricing adjustments necessary, we take care of all this before actually charging your card.


If you have credit card problems with our checkout process, the first thing you should double check is the billing address. That needs to match the billing address on file with your credit card company. This can be especially challenging when using a school purchasing card. The next thing to double check is the 3 or 4 digit security code. This changes when you get issued replacement cards. If you’re still having difficulties getting it to work, select "pay at pick up" and add a note to your order. We can contact you to resolve the credit card issue.

If your order total changes after you submit an order
and you need to add more money to your balance, click here for information about how to do that. 


Special-order items (including large items such as kilns, pug mills, mixers, wheels and slab rollers) may be charged to your credit card at the time of ordering, not upon shipment of the order. This is done because of the custom/special-order nature of the item. If you've ordered one of these items and have a question or concern about this, feel free to contact us.