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Plaster - USG #1 Pottery Other products by Miscellaneous

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There are many different types of plaster and they vary mainly in setting time, strength, absorbency... Common precautions with reference to pottery plaster are: Don't stack pallets 3 high to avoid hard chunks, use before the shelf life of 120 days expires (if longer then extend mixing time), don't mix at higher than 105 degrees for proper set. USG Pottery #1 (2000 psi) is an example of an all around material. It is normally mixed at a 70 consistency (70 water to 100 plaster)....The optimum hardness and absorbency of the final product are best achieved with the proper water to plaster ratio. Manufacturers recommend that you weigh the water, add the plaster to the water, soak for 2-3 minutes, then mix well using a propeller mixer. It is important not to mix in air bubbles, but to agitate in such a way that the air bubbles break at the surface during mixing. - Digital Fire ceramic materials database

Plaster Mixing Formula

Plaster Mixing Tips
50# bag; brown bag, black text with red fine print, "#1 PLASTER" stamped across bag as well as a batch number stamped in a separate location (example: 082615S)
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