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Revealing Glazes. Using the Grid Method. by Currie, Ian Other products by Miscellaneous

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Ian Currie 1941 - 2011

After a long dance with several types of cancer, Ian passed away peacefully on 5 May 2011.

Chief in Ian's many joys were potting, singing and the people he loved.

Ian will be remembered in the ceramics community as an important contributor to the understanding of glazes. He was a generous teacher and a skilled potter. Amongst his family and his friends he will be honoured as a man with a sharp mind and a big, big heart. His inclusive spirit lives on in us.

Deep Peace of the running wave to you;
Deep Peace of the flowing air to you;
Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you;
Deep Peace of the shining stars to you;
Deep Peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars put their healing light on you;
Deep Peace of Christ.
Of Christ the light of the world to you;
Deep Peace of Christ to you.

Pottery Books Availability
Ian's first book, "Stoneware Glazes - A Systematic Approach" is no longer in print. No decisions have yet been made about reprinting. A version of the book has been made available for online viewing HERE. Some bookstores may still have copies available for sale, but Bracker's does not have any copies of the book anymore.

Ian's second book, "Revealing Glazes - Using the Grid mehod" continues to be available through Bracker's HERE.

A note about Asbestos

Ian battled Mesothelioma, a form of cancer caused by Asbestos, for some time before his passing. He identified the insulation from some of his kilns as his main asbestos exposure. We are very grateful to him that he took the time with us to identify all possible locations of asbestos within his workshop and kilns. We will be having these removed shortly.

While it is generally held to be true that asbestos that is fixed into sheets and then painted will not leak asbestos fibres, it is also true that this leaves a time bomb for later generations to fix.

If you are a potter, please take a moment to think about your workshop/kiln and identify any materials (kiln insulation, pot boards, etc) that may contain asbestos and either have them removed by a professional asbestos removal company or document the materials in your will so that anyone sorting out your estate is aware of the potential health risks.

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