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Applying for Tax Exemption


If you have not yet been approved for tax exemption, send us all your documentation along with your order number and taxes will be manually deducted from your order.  Once you're approved, all orders will be tax free automatically.


In order to make tax exempt purchases, you need to complete two steps:

  1. Fill out the necessary forms (below) and send them to Brackers.
  2. Once your application for tax exemption has been approved, all orders you place will be tax free.


Forms for Tax Exemption


If your organization is a Missouri exempt entity, please fill out the Missouri Sales Tax Exemption Form 149.


If your organization is a Kansas exempt entity, please fill out the Kansas Retail Exemption Form.  For a list of exemptions, see the Kansas List of Exempt Entities Form.


If your organization is a non-Missouri, non-Kansas exempt entity with a tax number from its respective state and the order will be picked up in Kansas, please fill out the Kansas Multi-Jurisdiction Exemption Form.


Please fill out the necessary form(s) plus a copy of the original retail sales certificate or letter from the state and scan then send to:



1831 E 1450 Rd


(888) 822-1982



If you already have an account that you use to place orders, please include that.  Otherwise, include the email address that you'd like to use to when purchasing from Brackers.



Placing Your Tax Exempt Order


Once Brackers has confirmed that you have been added to the tax-exempt group, Log In using the credential provided and place your order.  If you do not log in with the credentials provided, you will be charged taxes.