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Skutt Parts

  • Repair Tech Emergency Surcharge

    If you have an emergency and need him as soon as possible, please add this Repair Priority item to move to the top of his docket when the parts are available. Emergency requests from multiple customers will be handled in the order in which they are...

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  • Repair Tech Trip Charge - per mile

    Please enter the distance in miles as the quantity.Repair tech trip charge, calculated by the mile between Bracker's Good Earth Clays and your location, as calculated by Google Maps. Whenever possible, David will try to combine repair visits to the same...

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  • Skutt Elements KM818 240v Top & Bottom

    The Skutt 818 has four elements total. Each element wraps around twice and there are two elements per 9" high kiln section. Counting elements up from the bottom, elements 1 and 4 are considered Top and Bottom and elements 2 and 3 are considered center...

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  • Skutt KM818 240v David Sturm Kit

    This kit is specific to the Skutt KM818 at 240 volt. If you have ANY doubts about what parts to order, please err on the side of caution and contact David by phone (1-888-822-1982) or email David before ordering. When replacing elements worn through...

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