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Kiln Vents

  • L&L Multi-Mounting Bracket

    Multi-Mounting Bracket for Vent-Sure The Multi-Mounting Bracket allows you to mount the vent on the floor or, alternately, to mount the vent on a wall so that the output of the vent is pointing up.

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  • L&L Vent Doubler

    Vent Doubler for venting two kilns with one vent This accessory allows you to connect two kilns to a Vent-Sure vent system. It can be added to an existing vent system or can be ordered with a new vent. In some cases you may be able to fire two kilns at...

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  • L&L Vent-Sure -  120v

    L&L Vent-Sure - 120v

    A Critical component in the longevity of your kiln! The Vent-Sure automatic kiln vent helps prevent corrosion on the inside and outside of your kiln. It ensures that your kiln gets the longest possible life from your elements and electrical components...

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  • Orton Hose Kit

    Compatible with the Orton VentMaster. Hose kit includes coupler, 2 clamps and 4 ft. extension hose. The hose kit allows you to add an additional 4 foot length to the hose between the Collection cup and the blower motor.

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  • Orton Vent Master 110 v

    Orton Vent Master 110 v

    Orton received the Original patent in 1988 for Downdraft venting of Electric Kilns. Today Orton offers their most advanced Venting System “VentMaster” that is easy to install, prevents fumes from entering the workspace, makes sure there is...

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  • Skutt Dual Intake Kit

    The EnviroVent 2 has the capability of venting 2 large kilns (up to 12 cu/ft chambers) if you purchase the optional Dual Intake Kit. The kit is easy to install and comes with everything you need. It includes the ducting Y, the additional ducting and the...

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  • Skutt EnviroLink

    PLEASE NOTE: The EnviroLink for kilns with a LinkBoard already installed is slightly cheaper since the interface is already installed. The EnviroLink allows your controller to turn your EnviroVent 2 on or off based on how you program the kiln. Often...

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  • Skutt Envirovent 2

    VENT 2 KILNS W/ 1 MOTOR Now you can vent 2 Kilns with one vent. The new 140 CFM Motor allows you to vent 2 kilns up to 12 Cubic Feet each, or one kiln between 12 and 24 Cubic Feet, with one Envirovent 2 Motor. WALL MOUNTED MEANS NO HEAT AND NO VIBRATION...

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  • Skutt EV2 Rolling Stand Adapter

    Have a Rolling Stand? Have an EnviroVent2? You may want to purchase the new EV2 Rolling Stand Adapter. The new adapter is a bracket that is designed to fit in between the cross supports of your Skutt Rolling Kiln Stand. The EnviroVent2 collection cup is...

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