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Moist Clay

We stock moist clays from Flint Hills, Laguna, Standard & Aardvark. Any body we do not stock can be special ordered. 

Quantity discounts on moist clays

We've calculated discounts on moist clays based on the total quantity of all moist clays with a cents-off-per-pound method since we started business in 1982 


QuantityItemPrice eachExtended Price
1000 pound of clay $0.40 $400.00
1000 moist clay discount -$0.08 -$80.00
    total $320.00


Minimum Quantitysavings per poundsavings per box
25 no discount base price
50 4¢/# $2.00/box
250 6¢/# $3.00/box
550 7¢/# $3.50/box
1000 8¢/# $4.00/box