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  • Aardvark Bee Mix Cone 10

    Aardvark Clay's Bee Mix Fired Shrinkage is 13% and Water Absorption is 1.1% when fired to cone 10. Off white, very smooth and easy to throw. Great glaze fit. Our version of the popular clay requested by many customers.

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  • Aardvark Black Mountain Cone 10

    Aardvark Clay's Black Mountain Fired Shrinkage is 12% and Water Absorption is 1% when fired to cone 10. A deep brown/black clay, medium in texture. Great for the wheel. Needs lots of oxygen during the bisque firing to avoid bloating in the glaze firing.

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  • Aardvark Coleman Porcelain

    Aardvark Clay's Coleman Porcelain Fired Shrinkage is 13.5% and Water Absorption is 0% when fired to cone 10. A true Grolleg body developed by Tom Coleman. Excellent fit with most glazes, very translucent when thin, great for large pieces. Probably the...

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  • Aardvark Nara Porcelain Cone 10

    Aardvark Clay's Nara Porcelain Fired Shrinkage is 14% and Water Absorption is 1% when fired to cone 10. Superior porcelain body. Has many of the attributes of an English grolleg body while avoiding the expense of imported clays.

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  • Flint Hills Domestic Porcelain

    A high-fire, inexpensive porcelain made from domestic kaolins. Fires to a cool white with blue-gray undertones as opposed to the yellowish undertones in English Porcelain. This body is especially nice when woodfired. Not suitable for celadon and copper...

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  • Flint Hills English Porcelain

    A high-fire, carefully blended porcelain made from English Grolleg Kaolin. Fires to a warm white with Yellowish undertones as opposed to the domestic porcelain which has more of the blue-gray undertones. Great for all methods of firing and suitable for...

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  • Flint Hills White Stoneware with Grog

    A non-iron based high-fire stoneware body with about 18% grog (30 mesh flint grog). Fires to a buff color and provides a good background for glazes. Suitable for high-fire throwing, sculpture, and handbuilding as well as raku and primitive firing methods...

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