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The price you see initially for chemicals is the 1 pound price. Most chemicals have the following quantity-based discounts:
buy 5 to 9 pounds, save $0.20 per pound
buy 10 to 24 pounds, save $0.30 per pound
buy 25 to 49 pounds, save $0.40 per pound
buy at least 50 pounds, save $0.60 per pound

Chemicals with a * after the name are also available in full bag quantities in the Dry Clays section.

FRITS are at the very end of the chemicals list.
  • #6 Tile Clay - a domestic kaolin

    #6 Tile Clay Kaolin

    #6 Tile Clay is a very plastic kaolin with good green strength. In pottery, the word Kaolin is synonymous with China Clay, a general name for an almost pure version of Kaolinite (a primary clay). Kaolins are usually very white and can be used to increase...

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  • 10 Mesh Flint Grog - coarse

    10 Mesh Flint Grog - coarse

    10 mesh Flint Grog. Considered to be a coarse mesh grog. Grog is incorporated into clay bodies to give texture, impart 'bite' when throwing, to assist drying, or to increase firing strength. It will reduce the rate of clay shrinkage during drying and, in...

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  • Alberta Slip Clay

    Alberta Slip Clay

    Alberta Slip Albany slip substitute Alternate Names: Archie Bray Slip Oxide Analysis Formula CaO 5.90% 0.382 MgO 3.90% 0.352 K2O 3.50% 0.135 Na2O 2.20% 0.129 P2O5 0.10% 0.003 TiO2 0.30% 0...

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  • Alumina Hydrate

    Alumina Hydrate

    Alumina Hydrate Formula: Al2O3.3H2OAlternate Names: Alum Hydrate, Alumina Trihydrate, Hydrated Alumina, Alpha Aluminum Trihydroxide, Gibbsite Oxide Analysis Formula Al2O3 65.39% 1.000 LOI 34.61 Oxide Weight 102...

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  • Barium Carbonate - 55# bag

    Barium Carbonate - 55# bag

    Formula: BaCO3Alternate Names: Barium Carb, Witherite Oxide Analysis Formula BaO 77.66% 1.000 CO2 22.34 Oxide Weight 153.30 Formula Weight 197.40 If this formula is not unified correctly please contact...

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  • Barnard/Blackbird Slip

    Barnard/Blackbird Slip

    This is a blend of minerals that closely simulates Barnard (Blackbird) Clay, a widely used clay that contains iron and manganese. Typical analysis: SiO2 30.37% Fe2O3 26.27% Al2O3 20.52% MnO 8.72% K2O 1.68% CaO 0...

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  • Bentonite - 200 mesh

    Bentonite - 200 mesh

    Western Bentonite (sodium bentonite) is most frequently used by potters and is the only type Bracker's carries. Southern Bentonite (calcium bentonite) is not available at Bracker's, but can be found at some metal casting foundry suppliers. Bentonite is a...

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  • Black Copper Oxide (Cupric Oxide)

    Black Copper Oxide (Cupric Oxide)

    One of the oldest colorants used by potters. It is a popular source of copper in glazes and glass. It is a very strong flux, in a mix of 50% Ferro borax frit 3134 it will dissolve a firebrick crucible at cone 6! It is the most stable form of oxidized...

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  • Bracker's Crackle White dry raku glaze

    Bracker's Crackle White dry raku glaze

    The picture for this item is just one example of the Raku Crackle White glaze. This is technically a clear glaze (there's no opacifier in the recipe), but everyone refers to it as Crackle White. Feel free to experiment with underglazes, stains, and even...

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