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  • Kemper 8RSS 8" Ribbon Sculpting Set

    These tools are used by potters and sculptors for medium duty clay cutting, shaping, and slicing. These 8" ribbon tools have cutting ends formed from high-strength sharpened stainless steel that are firmly attached to hardwood handles.

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  • Kemper CTK7 Ceramic Tool Kit

    We made it easy for you. Here are seven of the most popular Kemper Tools for ceramists in this convenient kit. This kit includes items: AB, SPD, SBR, COR, K23, P5D, WLS. These tools also sold individually.

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  • Kemper DSS Double End Wire Set

    The set contains five of the most popular DS Series tools (D1, D2, D3, D7, D10). These 6", .035 diameter wire end tools provide the potter and sculptor with a series of shapes designed for light cutting and slicing as well as removing controlled amounts...

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  • Kemper JAS Modeling Tool Set

    Used for cutting, slicing, smoothing, contouring and pattern decorating in soft clay. These smooth handcrafted modeling tools are made from the finest quality boxwood.

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  • Kemper PTK Pottery Tool Kit

    Quality tools of finest stainless steel and select, smooth hardwood. Made in the USA since 1947. Perfect for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom. These tools work well for sculpting, hand building, or throwing on the wheel. Used by schools...

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  • Kemper RSS Ribbon Sculpture Set

    Used for light cutting, slicing and shaping, these 6" double-ended ribbon tools come in a wide variety of shapes. The ends are formed from high-carbon heat-treated steel and are firmly attached to hardwood handles. Set includes R1-R5.

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