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  • 8" Setstone Bat

    Please note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. One our inventory is gone, it's gone. The 8 inch Setstone bat is used with the AMACO® Decorating Wheels. They absorb water during the drying process to allow easy release of ceramic...

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  • AMACO 16" Undrilled Plasti-Bat

    PLEASE NOTE: The undrilled Plasti-Bats have been discontinued by AMACO. Once our stock is gone, it's gone. Plasti-Bat was designed by studio potters to be a versatile, long-lasting, high-quality bat that is virtually indestructible! Made of 1/4" to 3/8"...

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  • AMACO Adapt-A-Bat

    The Adapt-a-Bat™ from AMACO® allows the use of 8" and 10" bats on larger wheel heads that are not drilled to accept smaller size bats with holes 6" apart on center. One Adapt-A-Bat™, together with several 8" or 10" Plasti-Bats is the...

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  • AMACO Plasti-Bat

    Plasti-Bat was designed by studio potters to be a versatile, long-lasting, high-quality bat that is virtually indestructible! Made of 1/4" to 3/8" thick, very rigid, high impact plastic, they will provide continuous use, will not splinter, delaminate,...

    $10.50 - $50.00
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  • AMACO Square Plasti-Bat

    9" square Plasti-Bat (with pin holes) increases shelf storage space and offers cost savings. It fits standard wheel heads with pre-drilled holes that are 10" apart.

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  • 14" Diameter BatMate


    Xiem Batmate™ is the perfect solution for annoying bat jitter and warping. Place Batmate™ below your problem bats on the wheel and instantly your warped bats become stable. It is also great for trimming bowls and plates. We at Xiem love ours,...

    $8.95 - $9.95
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  • Brent Bat Brace

    Keep bats from sliding on the brent® Batmobile with this well-engineered "bookend" that automatically stabilizes bats when inserted into the brent® Batmobile frame.A rubber-tipped stopper tips back the bats, holding them in place. The BatBrace...

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  • Brent Batmobile

    New and improved design! Welded support rails offer added strength and stability and side frames include holes to adjust the top two rails for holding larger diameter bats. This strong steel cart glides on 4" diameter rubber swivel casters and is a...

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  • Dirty Girls 7.5" Round Bat Inserts - set of 12

    One set of 12 ROUND inserts 7.5" for Dirty Girls Round master bat. Do not leave submerged in water. Any wood based product left submerged in water will degrade and warp, so be nice to your bat system and gently clean the components and set them out to...

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  • Dirty Girls Round Bat System

    One of Anne M. Bracker's top 5 favorites! The new Dirty Girls Round Bat Insert System is the best! It comes with one master bat made of an exterior grade wood material that is highly water-resistant and durable and 10 ROUND inserts that are a full 7.5"...

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  • Forever Bat

    One of Jeanette Oliver's top 5 favorites! NorthStar ForeverBat. Nearly indestructible. Won't shrink, swell or delaminate. Warp resistant with excellent clay adhesion. Pot bottoms dry off evenly. Available in 13" and 15" sizes, drilled 10" on center. ...

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