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About MKM Craftsman Series Wood Ribs
  • MKM Craftman Series ribs consists of 28 differently shaped ribs made of a medium hard wood.
  • The ribs have a variety of curves, and relatively sharp edges that are straight.
  • The edges are sanded by hand and should not contain any dings.
  • MKM feels it is important for each rib to offer a distinct curve, separate from most of the other ribs. That being said, ribs with the same number but distinguished by being labelled a, b, or c, are ribs with exactly the same shape and curve, and differing only in size.
  • Each rib is finished with an oil and wax mixture that is deeply applied to the rib to make it more durable in water. However, these ribs are made of wood, and should be removed from water when not in use.
  • MKM stands behind its ribs. If they fail, then we will replace them.
    • W1 Small to Medium Bowl Interiors

      W1 Small to Medium Bowl Interiors

      3 1/2" X 1 7/8" This rib is designed for: Small to medium bowl interiors. Point is useful for rim and wall details. Flat edge is great for compressing vertical walls. Rounded blunt end won't catch at the bottom of the bowl.

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    • W10 Multi-use

      W10 Multi-use

      4-1/4" x 2"This rib is designed for:Multiple use rib. Bowl interiors, vertical wall compression, with a sharp corner for base, wall, and rim details. The curved bottom of the rib is great for compressing and forming plate interiors.

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    • W21 Flanged Plates/bowls

      W21 Flanged Plates/bowls

      8-3/4" x 2"This rib is designed for:Specifically designed for working with flanged plates and bowls. Use the flat edge to push down the flange, and the sharper curved end to interior wall of the bowl. Also great for smoothing flat slabs of clay.

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    • W23 Large Platter Rib

      W23 Large Platter Rib

      18-1/2" x 3"This rib is designed for:Very large platters. Because it is so long, it can also be used to push out the bottom of jars and bottles too large to reach with just the arms and hands

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    • W2a Interior Small Vase/jar

      W2a Interior Small Vase/jar

      2 1/2" X 1 3/4"This rib is designed for: Interior rib. Very useful inside small vase and jar forms for pushing out the wall. More effective that flexible ribs when used inside a form. Use in conjunction with a flexible rib or credit card on the exterior...

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    • W2b General Use - Medium

      W2b General Use - Medium

      4 1/2" X 3"This rib is designed for: General use medium size bowl rib for bowl interiors. The flatter bottom part of the rib is useful for setting the curve on small to medium size plates. Comes in a larger size (W2c) and a smaller size (W2a). About MKM...

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    • W2c Large Bowls/med Plates

      W2c Large Bowls/med Plates

      6 3/4" X 4 1/2"This rib is designed for: Large bowl interiors and for setting the curve on medium size plates. Like the W2a and W2b, it can be used inside large jars to push out the walls..

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