A Potter's Companion: Imagination, Originality, and Craft by Ronald Larsen

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Product Overview

In a celebration of the functional and the handmade, potter Ronald Larsen has gathered an engaging collection of essays, stories, poems, and observations by a wide range of potters, writers, philosophers, and other artisans, exploring the history, aesthetics, and philosophy behind making pots--or anything else--by hand. 
Includes, among others, the writings of:

  • Marguerite Wildenhain--A Potter's Philosophy
  • Octavio Paz--Use and Contemplation
  • Lafcadio Hearn--The Tale of the Porcelain-God
  • John Updike--From the Journal of a Leper
  • Jamake Highwater--Illusions of Originality
  • Wallace Stevens--Anecdote of the Jar
  • Bernard Leach--The Potter's Challenge