Advantage P100 Particulate Filter Respirator Cartridge (pair) for Advantage Half-Mask Respirator


Product Overview

Crafted for easy installation and strong protection, Advantage Respirator Cartridges use a bayonet-style design for easy mounting. With low-lug height and lead-in connectors, the cartridges lock into place with only a single twist.

  • Respirator cartridges feature bayonet-style design for quick mounting
  • Cartridges lock into place with one twist
  • Complete range compatible with all MSA Advantage face pieces
This Advantage GME P100 Multigas (Organic Vapor/Acid Gases/ Ammonia / Methylamine / Formaldehyde / Hydrogen Flouride / P100) combination cartridge is NIOSH-approved (to 42 CFR, Part 84) and provides lightweight, low profile performance. Cartridge fits Advantage 200LS Half-Mask, 420 Half Face, 3000 Full-Facepiece and 4000 Full-Facepeice. Sold in pairs.

Data Sheet: Advantage Cartridge Style Respirators

PROTECTION: MSA Cartridge compatible with Advantage® series air purifying respirator with P100 filter is designed to give protection against multi chemical, all particulate aerosols. Cartridge with 99.97% of filter efficiency features low profile design making it an good choice for Tight working spaces and other places where unwanted contact is possible. It is used in a variety of applications namely asbestos abatement, welding, painting and more.


  • Asbestos abatement 
  • Welding 
  • Sanding and Grinding 
  • Painting 
  • Public Events 
  • Search and Rescue
  1. Not for use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5 percent oxygen.
  2. Not for use in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health.
  3. Do not exceed maximum use concentrations established by regulatory standards.
  4. Follow established cartridge and canister change schedules or observe ESLI to ensure that cartridges and canisters are replaced before breakthrough occurs.
  5. Contains electrical parts that may cause an ignition in flammable or explosive atmospheres.
  6. Failure to properly use and maintain this product could result in injury or death.
  7. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations require gas-proof goggles to be worn with this respirator when used against formaldehyde.
  8. Follow the manufacturer's User's Instructions for changing cartridges and /or filters
  9. All approved respirators shall be selected, fitted, used, and maintained in accordance with MSHA, OSHA, and other applicable regulations.
  10. Never substitute, modify, add, or omit parts. Use only exact replacement parts in the configurations as specified by the manufacturer.
  11. Refer to User's Instructions, and / or maintenance manuals for information on use and maintenance of these respirators.
  12. NIOSH does not evaluate respirators for use as surgical masks.