Analog Pyrometer


Product Overview

Manufactured by A.C.I. Technical Products; Assembled by Bracker's. Includes analog 2500°F meter (also reads in °C), vertical/horizontal mounting bracket, connecting block, 6 feet lead wire, and 12" Type K thermocouple. If mounted, this pyrometer should be mounted on a nearby wall. Not ON a kiln.

  • NEVER mount a pyrometer to the side of a kiln. Mount it as far away, in as cool a place as possible.
  • You may want to use a porcelain protection tube on the end of your thermocouple to delay the oxidation that will take place naturally. You will need to periodically check the thermocouple visually for cracks and thinning of the wire. If the wire in the thermocouple has deteriorated, you can get an incorrect or intermittent reading. It should be replaced at that point.
  • The pyrometric cone indicates how much heat has been absorbed by ware at high temperatures. A pyrometer does not take the place of a cone. There are other instances when it is desirable to know temperature. In ceramics, several examples would be: periodically checking the temperature while firing a manual electric kiln, raku firing, cooling heavy cross sections through the quartz inversion, and accurate temperature measurement for the glass annealing process.
  • The Type K thermocouple is made of the nickel alloys chromel and alumel. It has a fairly large output of voltage per unit of temperature rise and it's quite economical in cost. However, it does not stand up well to repeated or prolonged temperatures above 2000° F.