Brent Model 16 Adaptive Wheel

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287.00 LBS
Permanent magnet 1/2 HP - 5 amp DC motor

Product Overview

The brent® 16 is the ideal wheel for use in any rehabilitation program. It is a variable speed power wheel with a frame that was designed in coordination with leading rehabilitation and therapy experts. The 16 wheel makes throwing on a wheel possible for persons who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Possibilities include use with a wheel chair, a standard stool, or while standing up. The 16 wheel can handle 150 lbs. of clay continuously. The 16 wheel includes the brent® Classic Controller with these features:
  • Optimal torque at all speeds -- wheel speed remains constant under varying loads for smooth feel and full control
  • Quiet operation -- filtered SCR technology is very quiet and does not cause interference on AM/FM radios
  • EZ-feel toggle switches -- on/off and forward/reverse switches are easy to locate. Forward/reverse switch has neutral safety position to assure somooth transitions when changing directions.
  • EZ-to-read indicator light -- protrudes from control box for viewing from potter's stool
  • Easy to service modular connections -- for motor and foot pedal aid in the unlikely event of repair or replacementAdditional features of the 16
  • Reversible electronic speed control -- assures maximum torque and smooth response

Additional features of the 16 include:

  • Handles 150 lbs. continuously
  • Adjustable -- a crank mechanism adjusts the height of the 12" cast aluminum throwing head from 21" to 35"
  • Mobile -- The No. 16 wheel fits through any 36" door and rolls into position easily on its hard rubber casters.
  • Stationary during throwing -- Four rubber feet raise the casters off the floor to hold wheel in place and level the wheel
  • Heavy-duty construction -- frame and table are all welded steel
  • Variable speeds -- Speeds from 0 to 240 rpm can be controlled by the hand lever/foot pedal which can be placed on the floor or clamped in position on the handy tray at the side of the table
  • Automatic Belt Tensioning -- keeps the 6-groove poly-v drive belt tight for maximum performance
  • Powerful -- A 1/2 hp, 5 amp motor allows the user to work with up to 150 lbs. of clay
  • Reversible -- Operates either clockwise or counterclockwise to accommodate both right and left handed throwers
  • FREE Splash pan
  • FREE 12" Plasti-bat
  • FREE "How to Throw on The Potter's Wheel" DVD

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AMACO® Ships Your Bonus Glazes at No Charge to You!* 

Register your warranty within 6 months of purchasing an eligible Brent potter's wheel to receive a gift of up to $100 in bonus glazes from AMACO®. Send your warranty registration (DOWNLOAD THE WARRANTY REGISTRATION) and list of preferred glazes to AMACO® within six months of purchase. Glazes will be shipped at no charge to addresses within the continental U.S. Glaze rebate may be subject to additional terms from AMACO.

Glaze Product Rebates may take up to 30 days to process to guarantee orders ship complete. In the event glazes are backordered beyond 30 days, we will contact the customer to either substitute glazes for immediate shipment or get customer’s approval to ship a partial order at no charge. Customer will be responsible for shipping charges on any backordered items. All requests for glazes must be submitted after equipment is delivered and within 6 months of purchase date. Valid for end-users only, no distributors or dealers eligible. Please Note: brent® ie, ie-r, ie-x potter’s wheels, brent® Mini SRC slab roller; AMACO® 62-EFC, 67-EFC, MK-4, FA-5-E, and MAC-2000 kilns are NOT eligible for this program. 

You can choose to complete this warranty online here or by downloading this PDF Warranty Form.


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