C-20 Cobalt Celadon

2.00 LBS
Firing Range:

Product Overview

The C-20 Cobalt looks especially stunning when overlapped with glazes. AMACO has tested it with the entire PC line of glazes. You can see all of the examples on this downloadable and printable PDF
The Celadon series of mid-fire Cone 5-6 transparent gloss glazes from AMACO are formulated to be 100% mixable. C-20 Cobalt is a rich, intense blue, reminiscent of an expensive sapphire when used alone.

AP Non-Toxic Art & Creative Materials Institute Certified Transparent gloss glazes formulated to be 100% mixable. DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Thin with water and AMACO® Gum Solution if needed. Apply 3 coats of glaze to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.) Glaze fire to Cone 5-6.

Create your own “Celadon”. (Use Mixing Clear to soften color tones.)

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