Celadon Glazes Class Pack #2 Set of 12 Pints

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Pint (16 oz)
Pints Per Class Pack:
Firing Range:

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Product Overview

This class pack includes 12 pints of Celadon cone 5/6 glazes: C-1 Obsidian, C-10 Snow,C-20 Cobalt, C-21 Sky, C-36 Iron, C-41 Pear, C-47 Storm, C-49 Rainforest, C-50 Cherry Blossom, C-56 Lavender, C-53 Weeping Plum, and C-60 Marigold. All glaze are food safe and all AP, except C-47 Storm and C-49 Rainforest which carry the CL Cautions Label.
Transparent gloss glazes formulated to be 100% mixable. DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Thin with water and AMACO® Gum Solution if needed. Apply 3 coats of glaze to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.) Glaze fire to Cone 5-6. 

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