Ceramics At Home Kit #1: Two Tile Projects

$30.00 - $55.00
6.00 LBS

Product Overview

Two complete projects you can make at home!

This kit comes with

  • 8 Tiles
  • 9 small jars of AMACO Teacher's Palette Glazes (includes 1.5oz each of black, white, brown blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple)
  • a syringe (for dropping dots of glaze onto the tile, drawing lines or for easy mixing of colors)
  • a wooden scratch tool
  • 1 6-stem hake brush
  • plus complete step by step instructions (with YouTube Video links too!).  


Special price of $45 (including shipping*) while supplies last during the Corona Crisis.  You should have enough material to make 4 of each project.  


No kiln at home?  No problem.  Add our $25 firing fee, which includes shipping both ways.  We'll include a pre-paid shipping label, box and packing material for you to return your complete items.  We will fire them, carefully pack them back up and send them back to you!


*our website software has an issue with including shipping on items.  Unless you select an "upgraded" shipping service (such as next day or second day air), you will not pay more than $15 for shipping, and for most places, it's *less* than that.  So you will see this item priced at $30 in your cart, and then you can simply select Priority mail, which will probably be closer to $10-12, unless you live somewhere REALLY far away from Kansas.  Once we review your order, we will lower the shipping cost to $15 if it's higher than that, and if it's less, then congratulations, you just got an even BETTER deal on this!  :) Thanks for understanding!

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