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DOLAN TOOLS are made from a high carbon knife grade steel that has both a quality and lasting life that both we at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays and the folks at DOLAN TOOLS stand behind. Using your tools often is the best way to keep your tools in optimal condition. With continual use, rinsing after handling, and storing them in a dry place, you will retain the quality and prolong your tool’s life. If you find yourself in a position where you may not use them for a while, Dolan recommends coating them in a fine layer of oil, any oil will do. This will preserve your tools for when you are ready to use them. If for any reason you decide on sharpening your tools, keep in mind that the edge of each of the ceramic tools Dolan makes are refined to a razor’s edge. Use the utmost care while sharpening to avoid any injury that may occur. In order to sharpen your tools Dolan recommends three methods. One, use an oil or water whetstone. Two, use a diamond file. Or three, send your tools back to Dolan and they will restore your edge. Under no circumstances use any power tools or any other process that will heat up the steel. DOLAN TOOLS are made with great care and heating the steel will destroy the temper resulting in a tool that will never hold its edge again.