FAQ & What to Expect

If you have landed here, you may be brand new to working with us.  If so, welcome!  We're happy to have you join our clay family. 

What happens after I place my order? 

First you will get an automated response from our website with a copy of your order via email. This lets you know your order has been received by our computers.  A live human being will then review your order.  We do this several times each day.  Once we have pulled down your order, and started to look at it, you will get an email through our order tracking system to let you know we are reviewing it.  This email may also include notes specific to your order in addition to general information. Here's a list of other emails you may get (You can reply to any of these emails you get and our whole staff will be able to see your response): 

We are preparing your order - we are starting to gather all of the items for your order

We have a question - something has come up that we need your input on 

Your order is ready for pickup -  For our local customers picking up their order, you will get an email when your order is ready for pickup along with instructions on where to pick up.  We'll also send you a friendly reminder if you miss your originally intended pick up day, or if your order has been here for about 2 weeks.  We just want to make sure you know.  :) 

-OR- Your order is waiting for the carrier to pick it up -If you live further away and are having it shipped, we will let you know when we have it all packed up and ready for the carrier.  (You should receive a separate email from the carrier with the tracking number so you can follow your package's progress on its way from us to you) 

-OR_ for deliveries: Your order is being scheduled for delivery//Your order is being finalized for delivery//Your order is being loaded for delivery - the first of these gives an estimate of when we hope to deliver, sometimes this email comes BEFORE we start pulling your order, sometimes after.  We deliver about 80% of orders in the original range given in this email.  After that, you will either get the email that we are finalizing your order (with the zeroed in delivery date) or you will get an email with a rescheduled date range.  Once you get that finalized for delivery email, you can expect the delivery to happen UNLESS something crazy happens alike a freak weather storm or an illness that strikes a large number of our staff.  In this case, you will get an email to let you know.  Lastly, once we are loading the truck for delivery, you will get that final email to let you know we are on the way and also what stop you will be (sometimes we are able to include this in the finalizing delivery email)