Goldart (FULL BAG only)

50.50 LBS
(not sold by the pound)

Product Overview

Cedar Heights Goldart is a selectively mined, plastic stoneware clay which is airfloated to 200 mesh particle size. It offers excellent working properties and has a wide firing range. It is balanced enough to be used alone. It fires to a light or golden buff and has a maximum firing range of cone 10-12. Goldart has been used for many years in the pottery and ceramic industries as a body ingredient. It appears in many clay body recipes found in textbooks and magazines. - Digital Fire ceramic materials database
Stoneware is a general name for plastic, refractory, secondary clays which are not as fine-grained as ball clays or as deep-seated as fireclays. - p. 274, Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery, 3rd Ed. by Robert Fournier
50# bag; yellow bag, red text Cedar Heights Air Floated Clay