HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

3.50 LBS

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Product Overview

HVLP = High Volume Low Pressure

HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun
(Pressure regulator with gauge included)
  Air Consumption:
4.5-7.5 cfm
  Operating Pressure:
15-50 psi
  Air Inlet Size (in. NPT):
  Nozzle Size (mm):
  Glaze Cup Size:
20.25 oz
  Glaze Cup Material:
All most any compressor should be able to handle an HVLP sprayer. An HVLP Spray Gun uses a lot of air and the more you have the better. However, you will typically always need at least 8 CFM for the lowest consuming air volume HVLP Spray Gun, we recommend a minimum of 30 CFM to prevent issues with the gun not atomizing well and changes in the fan pattern occurring. I doubt it'd even kick on half the time. If it does you just have to wait until it stops running (probably not even then).
The (very) important part is the regulator, set to 25psi max, above which the compressor's tank should have no trouble maintaining.
More "gallons" means longer spans of not needing to run the compressor.
More "horsepower" means less time to catch back up.