Hydrocal FGR-95

Minimum Purchase:
50 units
Unit Quantity:
price per pound
Full Bag Size From The Mine:
50 pounds
This material is only available in 100# bags

Product Overview

Hydrocal® FGR 95 is a fast-setting gypsum cement designed for strong, resilient glass-reinforced product fabrication. Superior fire retardant properties allow for code-compliant installations in a variety of public and private structures. Hydrocal® FGR 115 is a specially formulated, high-strength gypsum cement designed for glass-reinforced product fabrication. Allows for the economical duplication of architectural details formerly produced from plaster, wood, concrete or stone.
Hydrocal® FGR 95:
  • Produces lightweight, thin-cast, fire-resistant architectural details
  • Superior fabrication flexibility – from simple cornices to ornate capitals and medallions
  • Effectively duplicates pieces formerly made of plaster, wood, concrete and stone
  • Overcomes building fire code incompatibilities faced by many plastics – at roughly one-third the cost of filled polyesters
  • Exceptionally quick set – 50-70 minutes with manual application
  • Accepts most coatings and finishes.

Spec Sheet