K-6 Sampler Class Pack Of 12

Jar Size:
Pint (16 oz)
Pints Per Class Pack:
Firing Range:

Product Overview

All colors in this class pack are LEAD FREE and AP certified.

This class pack contains one pint each of the following glaze colors: Crystaltex series CTL-9 Snap Dragon, CTL-43 Aurora; Textured Alligator series LT-15 Speckled Blue Gray, LT-166 Mottled Orange; Matt series LM-20 Blue Iris, LM-56 Red; Stone Texture series ST-20 Blue, ST-30 Rust; Opalescent series O-10 Transparent Pearl, O-54 Dusty Rose; Teacher's Palette series TP-20 Sky Blue, and TP-41 Frog Green.

AMACO® reserves the right to substitute a glaze or underglaze of similar color and equal or greater value when necessary and without prior notice.