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Cone Art Ceramic Kilns

COVID-RELATED DELAYS LIKELY: Pottery wheels and kilns are all experiencing significant manufacturing delays.  At this time, we are only displaying the manufacturer's retail price on our website. Please contact us directly for more information.


Cone Art Kilns
The preferred method of installation is for the hole to be drilled in the sidewall of the kiln, 4.5” up from the floor, across from the peepholes.  The kiln is fired with the top peephole open and the others closed.  This creates a cross / downdraft and efficiently flushes dirty air out of the kiln and into the vent hose. There are 2 versions of the vent.  One runs on 110 volts and comes with a simple plug with inline switch.  The other is hardwired to the kiln and runs off of the kiln’s power.  The advantage of this version is that the digital controller on the kiln can then also control the vent system.  It will automatically turn the vent on at the beginning of a firing, and turn it off once the kiln has cooled to 250 F.