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Some glazes are very runny while others are quite stable. More information specific to each glaze is included in the product detail for the associated glaze. If you want to double dip glazes, only do so on the inside or the top half of the exterior. If your piece is glazed right to the foot, has double or triple dipped glaze on the whole piece or has glaze flaking off, it will probably run.

All Coyote glazes have been evaluated by an independent toxicologist and are properly labeled in accordance with ASTM D-4236. In liquid form none require any warning statement other than "conforms to ASTM D-4236." However, Coyote voluntarily adheres to stricter labeling guidelines which include the following statements:

This product in it’s liquid form is certified Non-Toxic (ASTM D 4236) but like most pottery glazes contains crystalline silica, which is harmful if inhaled. Avoid creating dust or mist. If dust or mist is present, wear an approved respirator.