Bracker's 10-sided kiln Solid Shelf Kit

Was: $250.00
Now: $212.50

Product Overview

The staff at Bracker's has assembled a furniture kit for 10-sided kilns based on our own experiences as well as the knowledge we've gleaned from our customers throughout the years. So here's what we've come up with, based on enough shelves to make 3 layers with our new post assortment, using 3 posts per shelf (either half or full):

Includes the following cone 11 high alumina kiln shelves:
  • 1 full shelf - 21" round x 5/8" thick
    • place three 1" posts on the bottom of the kiln and then use the full shelf to create a stable base while allowing for heat and air circulation underneath
  • 4 half shelves - 21" round x 5/8" thick
    • Either use 2 half shelves at the same height or stagger their heights to accommodate a variety of pots while allowing more efficient heat and air circulation throughout the firing
  • 3 pounds of kiln wash
    • apply 3 individually fired on coats of kiln wash (mix to a thin cream consistency) for good protection against glaze drips
With a kiln post assortment that includes 1-1/2" square posts in the following heights:
  • 10 - 1" posts
    • great for supporting the bottom shelf as well as stacking with another post for a little extra space
  • 6 - 2" square posts
    • for very small items, tiles, or for stacking with another post for extra space
  • 12 - 4" square posts
    • a very useful size for smaller projects
  • 12 - 6" square posts
    • a very popular and useful post height for most people
  • 6 - 8" square posts
    • place tall pots on the top shelf in the kiln, but when that isn't enough, these posts will help