R19 Copper Matte Pint Raku Glaze

Jar Size:
Pint (16 oz)
Firing Range:

Product Overview

Specialty Glaze of the Month - October 2013
Cindy tested this Raku glaze at our most recent Second Saturday B'raku event. The initial tests of the glaze were promising, with colors ranging from red to metallic bronze and rust. However, as the day progressed, the results were more impressive, with results showing more blue, green and the often sought-after metallic rainbow appearance garnering oohs and ahs from the onlookers and big smiles from the people who had used this glaze on their piece. This leads me to believe that this glaze develops the prismatic metallic color best when fired rapidly, while firing more slowly (as you would in a cold kiln), develops a better red color. When overlapped with a clear crackle glaze, the two combine to create a stunning cerulean blue crackle.