Skutt Prodigy 1/3 hp Electric Wheel

1/3 HP continuous duty

Product Overview

Prodigy (1/3 hp)

The Prodigy features the same heavy duty components found on all Skutt Potter's wheels, but it's built on a welded steel frame instead of the cast aluminum base our other wheels have.

The removable splash pan design can be removed easily by twisting and lifting the wheel head and removing the one-piece splash pan. This design is cleaner and easier to use than the standard two-piece splash pans on other wheels. Available with the round splash pan only.

Additional Features
  • 1/3 hp continual duty motor found on our other wheels
  • Our standard SCR Controller with individual adjustments for exactingcontrol
  • 12” twist and lift cast aluminum wheel head with 10” bat pins
  • Round one piece splash pan
  • Plastic vacuum formed table top for complete water protection.
  • Powder coated metal base
  • Our heavy duty cast aluminum foot pedal
  • The same bearings, pulleys and 6 groove poly v belts as our other models
  • These wheels do not have the reversing feature of our other wheels
  • The SSX upgrade is not available on this model
  • Please note that the adjustable leg extension does not fit this wheel