Soldner Studio Clay Mixer

700.00 LBS

Product Overview




Motor 1.5 HP 5 HP
115 / 208 / 230 / 460 volt 115 / 208 / 230 / 460 volt
1 or 3 phase (10 to 1 gearbox) 1 or 3 phase (10 to 1 gearbox)
Mixing Capacity 150 pounds wet 300 pounds wet
Concrete Tub 23" deep x 15" high (outside dimensions) 30" deep x 17" high (outside dimensions)
Cutter bars two 1" stainless steel three 1" stainless steel
Welded Steel Frame 28" deep x 28" wide x 32" high 36" deep x 48" wide x 36" high
Safety open lid shut-off, guards open lid shut-off, guards
Warranty 5 years on tub, 1 year on electrical 5 years on tub, 1 year on electrical

Motor specs for Studio Mixer

Single phase - 115 volts, 12.4 amps (a dedicated circuit recommended)
Single phase - 208 volts, 6.8 amps
Single phase - 230 volts, 6.2 amps 
Three phase - 208 volts, 4.5 amps
Three phase - 230 volts, 4.4 amps
Three phase - 460 volts, 2.2 amps

Strong, Sturdy and Reliable 

Soldner Clay Mixers are still being manufactured with the same quality construction developed by founder Paul Soldner.

Most Soldner mixers are still in service, even some of the earliest ones built more than 30 years ago. Every effort is made to insure this same quality in our new mixers. 

Soldner clay mixers are a fast and efficient way of mixing fresh clay from powder or reprocessing scrap clay into a useable consistency. There are no sharp blades or augers but rather the clay is pushed against the stationary mixing bars by a slowly rotating concrete tub.

What makes a Soldner Clay Mixer so good?

Unlike other mixers, the Soldner mixer carries all the weight of the clay on the bottom of a slowly revolving concrete tub. the Rotating tub smashes the clay through stationary cutting bars with a slicing, chopping, and wedging action. Premixing ingredients is unnecessary. There are no dangerous augers, sharp blades, or high speed parts to avoid.

  • American-made industrial quality Baldor motors and gear boxes.

  • Most of the repair parts needed to maintain our mixers are off-the-shelf parts and available in your local hardware store.

  • Mixer bars are 1" solid stainless steel.

  • Concrete tub is steel reinforced.


Instruction Manuals, Maintenance and Frequently Asked Questions (link takes you to a page on the mfg's website)