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Some glazes are very runny while others are quite stable. More information specific to each glaze is included in the product detail for the associated glaze. If you want to double dip glazes, only do so on the inside or the top half of the exterior. If your piece is glazed right to the foot, has double or triple dipped glaze on the whole piece or has glaze flaking off, it will probably run.

All Coyote glazes have been evaluated by an independent toxicologist and are properly labeled in accordance with ASTM D-4236. In liquid form none require any warning statement other than "conforms to ASTM D-4236." However, Coyote voluntarily adheres to stricter labeling guidelines which include the following statements:

This product in it’s liquid form is certified Non-Toxic (ASTM D 4236) but like most pottery glazes contains crystalline silica, which is harmful if inhaled. Avoid creating dust or mist. If dust or mist is present, wear an approved respirator.

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We aim to provide excellent customer service to all potters who chose to shop with us, however, the areas we are able to serve best are in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  There are lots of great clay suppliers nationwide that probably do a better job of serving customers in states further away.  If you would like help finding a local supplier, please let us know.  We will be happy to assist you.  

Please note that we favor long term relationships with our customers over one-time transactions on our website based on a random google search result.  We are not Amazon and don't want to be.  We're a bit old-fashioned I guess...but with a website.  

This is a 40 year old family business, now being run by the second generation.  We generally run on a staff of 10 or less, and we all work really hard.    All employees here are treated like family...we DO also think of our customers as family, but that does mean if you are "tormenting" one of our "little brothers or sisters", we'll "ground" you.  

And if you're *really* naughty, you might get a policy named after you.  So just be nice, ok?  You be nice to us, and we'll do our best for you!  That's a promise.