TC-11 Teacher's Choice White Gallon

Jar Size:
Gallon (128 oz)
Firing Range:

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Product Overview

White is a bright, opaque snow-white glaze that boasts a glossy, smooth surface after firing. 100% mixable and true to their unfired color, the Teachers Choice glazes are a must-have for any classroom or studio. Also try using using White (TC-11) as a base glaze and, using any of the other Teacher's Choice or Teacher's Palette colors, brush on colorful designs and patterns reminiscent of majolica ware. 



8 mixable colors in gallons

  • Cone 05 Gloss Glazes
  • Mixable
  • Layering
  • Lead Free
  • Dinnerware Safe
  • All Ages
  • Economical
AP Dinnerware Safe

Conforms to
ASTM D-4236

Dinnerware Safe

Safe for spray


Mixable MIXABLE All colors of these two series were made to be mixed. These glazes fire true to the color in the bottle so you know what the fired color will look like as soon as you remove the cap. What color you mix, is the color you will get when fired. Blend the 8 Teacher's Choice colors with each other and with the 16 Teacher's Palette or vice versa.
Layering LAYERING These two glaze series are stiff, non-flowing glazes which can be layered on top of each other without bleeding, distortion or glaze interaction that could lead to unintended results.
All ALL AGES These LEAD FREE glazes are AP NON-TOXIC and are safe for use by artists of any age. They are easy to apply to Cone 04 Bisque then fired at Cone 05. They can be safely sprayed and used on dinnerware.
Formulated For Success Both TC and TP glaze series contain the same base materials so they all melt and blend uniformly to offer consistent, predictable results every time.
Easy One-Step Firing Apply three coats for full coverage or fewer coats for a more transparent look on mature cone 04 bisque. Cover the entire surface with any combination of TC or TP glazes and simply fire to cone 05. If TC and TP glazes are used for only partial coverage of the bisque, dip the partially decorated bisque into AMACO® DC-10 Clear Dipping Glaze and fire in one step to cone 05 for a brilliant surface.
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