Mid-Fire Potter's Choice glazes from AMACO

Posted by Anne M Bracker on Sep 20th 2019

Mid-Fire Potter's Choice glazes from AMACO

AMACO just released a few new Potter's Choice glaze colors - they should be arriving on our next shipment from AMACO. They're all just $14.95 per pint! Give us a call (888-822-1982) if you can't wait to get your hands on one of these stunning new green-ish blue hues to claim yours before they even arrive in Lawrence.

PC-15 Satin Oribe

PC-22 Blue Stone

PC-26 Blue Lagoon

PC-47 Emerald Falls

PC-67 River Rock

You might also notice when browsing the category that I've updated all of the images used as thumbnails so eveything is consistent across the category.