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Throwing Sticks

MKM Ultimate Throwing Sticks are designed for use in narrow mouthed forms such as bottles, glasses, and tall vases, where the mouth of the vessel is narrower than the width of the thrower's hand, or where the curve of the stick works better than a rigid and straight forearm. The curve allows these throwing sticks to hook under the shoulder of a vessel. The rib at the end of the throwing stick allows for a minimum of torque on the wall of the vessel when the stick is being used. The differently shaped ribs at each end of the double-ended throwing sticks allow them to be used on different parts of the vessel, with the longer and narrower rib being used to shape and lift the shoulder of a vessel, and the half-circle rib being used to push out the walls. The screw attachment for each rib allows the ribs to be oriented according to the user's preference, or to be changed out for a different rib altogether. However, it is important for the ribs to be tightly fastened to the handles while i

MKM Throwing Tools.

  • These tools come in 5 configurations and sizes, and range in price from $16.95 to $29.95.
  • The tools come with the rib(s) pictured.
  • NB: The ribs at the end of the tools should be tightened before using so that they do not rotate while in use.