Large Sheets

Large Underglaze Decals • Temperature from 04-11 (Oxidation or Reduction) 
Size: 14" x 18" or 13" x 19"

Application on plastic wet or leather-hard greenware (not bone dry) or on bisque fired ware. Hold the oxide-bearing side of the decal against the pot. Stroke with wet brush to transfer 100% of the oxide from the paper to pot. You may need to use a rubber rib to help the design to transfer completely. Peel away the paper. Easy, simple, have fun.  Tattoo your pots!      

**Store decal paper in zipper bag after using to extend life of decal. The silk screen decal paste is made from honey and stain, so the decal deteriorates after about 12 months because the honey will dissolve by air.**
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