Regular hours: Monday-Saturday 10-3:30

Express pickup available early (9-10) or late (3:30-5) on weekdays by request

What to expect from our repair services

When you fill out our online repair form and complete your repair consult payment, your repair will be triaged by one of our experienced staff members. 

1. An experienced staff member will review the information you provided and confirm your initial payment.  Your initial payment will cover the review of your stated problems and our initial response.

2. A tech will be assigned to your repair ticket and will contact you with next steps.  This can happen in as little as a few hours or may take a couple of days, depending on whether the techs are out on service calls.  We strive for a next day response whenever possible

3. The next step may be

  1. to request additional photographs, video or other information (covered by your initial payment)
  2. to have you run a simple test to help them solve your issue without a diagnostic visit (covered by your initial payment)
  3. to initiate a remote consultation to walk you through diagnostic steps (including a quote for this cost, MAY be covered in your initial payment)
  4. to schedule an onsite diagnostic visit (including a quote for this cost)
  5. a link directly to the part you need to solve your problem and installation instructions (covered by your initial payment)

4. Once you approve and pay for the quote to proceed, we will schedule the next step.  Please note that onsite diagnostic visits often take 2 weeks to schedule (more during busy times) 

5. If the diagnostic for your equipment (whether onsite or remote) indicates parts are needed, you will be provided with a quote for the parts and labor to install.  We do also offer remote installation assistance for MANY parts, which is a less expensive and faster option.  Please let us know if you are interested in being quoted that option.  

6. After you have approved and paid the quote, your parts will be ordered.  

7. When the parts arrive, your repair will be scheduled.  Due to a variety of factors, we can not schedule repairs until the parts arrive.  There have just been too many times where the universe decides to wreak havoc on plans made before all the pieces are in place.  

If at any time you have a question about the status of your repair, the best way to ask is to send an email to Not only will this go to both of our repair techs, it will also be attached to your repair ticket in our monitoring system, which is reviewed regularly by other staff members at Bracker's.  Often, even if the techs are out of the building, city, or state, someone here can find some information and get back to you, or at least let you know when the techs will be back in the office.  


Gift certificates are e-Certificates. The recipient will receive an email PDF of the certificate including the message and theme you select. If you wish to have a physical copy of the certificate to gift to someone, enter YOUR email into the recipient line and print the PDF sent to you.

School teachers or secretaries placing your first order

PLEASE CLICK THE "TAX EXEMPT STATUS" LINK above and follow the instructions.

We aim to provide excellent customer service to all potters who chose to shop with us, however, the areas we are able to serve best are in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  There are lots of great clay suppliers nationwide that probably do a better job of serving customers in states further away.  If you would like help finding a local supplier, please let us know.  We will be happy to assist you.  

Please note that we favor long term relationships with our customers over one-time transactions on our website based on a random google search result.  We are not Amazon and don't want to be.  We're a bit old-fashioned I guess...but with a website.  

This is a 40 year old family business, now being run by the second generation.  We generally run on a staff of 10 or less, and we all work really hard.    All employees here are treated like family...we DO also think of our customers as family, but that does mean if you are "tormenting" one of our "little brothers or sisters", we'll "ground" you.  

And if you're *really* naughty, you might get a policy named after you.  So just be nice, ok?  You be nice to us, and we'll do our best for you!  That's a promise.