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Studio Pro bats

StudioPro throwing bats are designed and produced by professional potters. Made by the New England Hardboard Company, StudioPro bats offer the greatest variety of shape, size and material of any other bat manufacturer.

All StudioPro products are manufactured using a CNC router. This computer-directed cutting ensures dimensional accuracy of both pinholes and circumferences. The high-speed router produces superior edge quality on all of our bats. Each bat has 10 inch on center holes for standard 3/8 inch bat pins. One hole is oval to accommodate small variations in pin spacing. StudioPro bats are made from the best available materials, which are selected for performance, value and environmental sensitivity.

  • StudioPro Black Plastic Bat StudioPro Black Plastic Bat

    StudioPro Black Plastic Bat

    StudioPro Black Plastic Bats are a permanent solution to your bat needs. They’re easy to care for, extremely versatile, and a great choice for schools and art centers where pots are often left on bats for long periods of time. Our Plastic Bats are...

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  • StudioPro FoamTrimming Bat StudioPro FoamTrimming Bat

    StudioPro FoamTrimming Bat

    Faster trimming with better results! StudioPro Foam Trimming Bats offer a superior alternative to adhering the rims of pots to the wheelhead using clay coils. Because pots are held in place by the foam and not stuck down, you have the ability to lift...

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  • StudioPro Medex Bat StudioPro Medex Bat

    StudioPro Medex Bat

    StudioPro Tempered Hardboard Bats are the workhorses of the pottery studio. They are our most affordable bats, yet made from the finest quality tempered hardboard available. Unlike it's Masonite predecessor, our tempered hardboard has no added...

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