WC886 B-Mix Paperclay

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25 units
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25 pounds (1 bag)
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Product Overview

Has the plastic nature and glaze friendly creamy color of B-Mix with Grog and all the added qualities of paper clay. It is a great choice for sculptural vessels and has the positive throwing qualities you expect from B-Mix with Grog. Can be fired in a wide range of temperatures from cone 04 to Cone 10.

Cone: 10
Wet Color: Cream
Fired Color - Oxidation Off-White
Fired Color - Reduction Gray-White
Texture: Slightly Coarse
  Δ 06 Δ 5 Δ 10
Ave. Shrinkage 2±% 6% 8% 11%
Ave. Water Absorption 1±% 21% 11% 5%
COE x 10-6: 6.79 7.71 6.42