Regular hours: Monday-Saturday 10-3:30

Express pickup available early (9-10) or late (3:30-5) on weekdays by request

Covid Precautions

Update May 1, 2022

We continue to be open, no appointment necessary and we are retiring our appointment system for now.  We are hopeful that we will not need to return to appointment shopping, but we do continue to monitor infectious disease numbers and CDC guidance.  Masks are no longer required, though still recommended.  


Update March 1, 2022 

We continue to closely and carefully monitor infection rates, hospital capacity, and CDC and local guidelines.  As long as the 7 day average of cases in Kansas stays below 500 and Missouri stays below 1000, we will be open with no appointment necessary. HOWEVER, we will continue to offer private shopping appointments for those who remain concerned for their own health and safety.  
We will no longer require proof of vaccintation, but we do request our customers continue to wear masks in the store as long as our mask required sign is up.  Please also consider making a quick check of our website before you come over to shop to confirm our current policy.  We are very cautious about Spring Break, and should things start to head the wrong way, we will modify as necessary.

Update February 9, 2022

While it does seem that Omicron has peaked at this point, and the numbers are dropping as rapidly as they spiked a couple of months ago, we are going to stick with what may seem like excessive caution and hold to the appointment model probably through the end of March.  Once we are past spring break season, if numbers are still reasonable and we don't have a spike of the next greek letter in line, we will likely reopen our showroom.  Please believe us that we are all ready to be out of the woods, but it was a staff decision to stay vigilant just a bit longer.  Thank you for your understanding...

Effective January 1, 2022

To ensure we can remain safe, healthy and OPEN, we are REQUIRING appointments to shop in the store.  This ensures that we have adequate opportunity to santize between in-store customers.  The appointment system also provides the ability for contact tracing should we be made aware of a possible covid exposure.  

We ask that you all please help us to adhere to the appointment shopping model.  We realize that it can be somewhat inconvenient, especially if you have driven a long way, however we believe it is better to have a short wait for the next available appointment than having to close the store entirely for a 10 day quarantine (which we have sadly seen several other stores like ours have to do). 


Further requirements:

  • All visitors over the age of 2 must wear a mask the entire time they are in the store
  • Please no groups larger than three (up to 5 will be allowed if 2 of them are under 12)
  • Vaccinations required*
  • At the time of your appointment, please ring the door bell and be prepared to show your vaccination card. 
  • Unvaccinated individuals are encouraged to shop online and select our contactless express pick up. 

*We will accept a physicians note for anyone with a medical condition that prevents them from safely being vaccinated.  This is not required, and it is not ever the intention of Bracker's to violate privacy or pry into medical issues.  


School teachers or secretaries placing your first order

PLEASE CLICK THE "TAX EXEMPT STATUS" LINK above and follow the instructions.

We aim to provide excellent customer service to all potters who chose to shop with us, however, the areas we are able to serve best are in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  There are lots of great clay suppliers nationwide that probably do a better job of serving customers in states further away.  If you would like help finding a local supplier, please let us know.  We will be happy to assist you.  

Please note that we favor long term relationships with our customers over one-time transactions on our website based on a random google search result.  We are not Amazon and don't want to be.  We're a bit old-fashioned I guess...but with a website.  

This is a 40 year old family business, now being run by the second generation.  We generally run on a staff of 10 or less, and we all work really hard.    All employees here are treated like family...we DO also think of our customers as family, but that does mean if you are "tormenting" one of our "little brothers or sisters", we'll "ground" you.  

And if you're *really* naughty, you might get a policy named after you.  So just be nice, ok?  You be nice to us, and we'll do our best for you!  That's a promise.