School Quotes

Bracker's does not require you to obtain a quote prior to ordering supplies.

We ask that you please use our website to find pricing to fill out your requisition. If your district requires that you turn in a quote to get a purchase order, you can create an order here to use as a quote and we will hold that order until we receive your school PO.  Please follow these simple instructions.  If you have problems, check out this video walk through we created 

  • First log in or create an account with your school email address.  
  • Send us a quick email from this same email address to request tax exempt status
  • Browse through the items in our webstore and add them to your cart.  Multi-box clay discounts are automatically calculated
  • On the cart page, enter your shipping details to get a quote for delivery, freight or small package (UPS or FedEx) shipment
  • Edit your order to meet your budgetary needs if necessary
  • Print your shopping cart page to turn in to your office OR, if you would like to give us a heads up about what you will be needing, go ahead and submit your order to us with "pay by purchase order" as the payment method.  We'll match it up with your district or school purchase order when it arrives.  
  • You can also leave us any notes in the comments section of checkout.   :) 

Hopefully this will help to speed up your process for getting prices on supplies.  Currently, we have quite a backlog of orders that we are managing, and therefore have quite a delay in typing up quotes for regular supplies and materials. 

If you need a quote for kilns, wheels, or other ceramic equipment for a bid, please contact us here to start that process


If you have read this page and are still having problems, please click here for a 5 minute walk-thru video


Typically this is how things work:
Teacher obtains prices on materials and fills out a REQUISITION
The requisition gets turned in to the office and the office creates a PURCHASE ORDER 
The purchase order is sent to the vendor who then fills the order and creates an INVOICE for it
The INVOICE is sent in to the school and/or district office showing the purchase order number on it.
 The district office matches up the INVOICE from the VENDOR with the approved PURCHASE order and confirms product has been received.  Then with most districts it’s included in a giant packet of bills that have to be approved at a board meeting and then the checks are sent.  
This is the way we have understood school districts to manage purchasing for about 20 years or so, though since the pandemic, I seem to be asked for invoices an awful lot.  I’m not sure if it’s just a language thing or if schools have actually changed how they do business.  Many years ago we received warnings from school districts not to provide materials without an approved purchase order.  The school PO represents approval to use funds and without that number on our invoice, schools often will not pay an invoice because the teacher was not authorized to purchase items, so we do require official purchase orders before we can ship an order.