Our delivery prices are often less than getting a shipment on a freight truck, but in order to maintain those low costs, we do have to fill our entire truck before sending it out to make deliveries.  For further away points, this does take some time to coordinate.  This also means we have to set some minimum weights, and the further away you are, the higher than minimum will be simply because we are really limited in the number of stops we have time for in a single day.  

But, We do offer what we are now calling "MEET THE TRUCK" service.   If your order does not meet the weight minimum, or if you want to save money on delivery, you can meet our truck at any of our other delivery stops.  Once the delivery route and stops are determined, we will provide you with pickup location options.  You will pay the same weight charge as listed below, but only a $15 consolidation charge rather than the full flat rate amount.  

We also have a new option that will show up especially for schools in large districts that we will coordinate a district-wide delivery.  This option will show up even if you are below our delivery minimum - but it does mean we are waiting for the rest of the schools in your area to place their orders, so there will be extra wait time on that - just be aware.  and in the interest of fairness, if you teach at a small school that isn't part of a large district, but you are in/near the boundary lines of a large district and don't mind waiting for them, you are welcome to select this option too.  

  • Delivery Zone A: Roughly 40 miles from our store (includes the greater Kansas City & Topeka Areas) – $50 plus 3¢/# (500# order minimum***, 6000# truck minimum)
  • Delivery Zone B: Roughly 40-80 miles (includes further out suburbs of KC and Topeka  ) – $60 plus 6¢/# (1000# order minimum, 7000# truck minimum)
  • Delivery Zone C: Roughly 80-125 miles (includes Emporia, Salina, Manhattan ) – $80 plus 8¢/# (2500# minimum, 8000# truck minimum)
  • Delivery Zone D: Roughly 125-200 miles (includes Lincoln, Omaha, Columbia, Wichita ) – $100 plus 10¢/# (4000# minimum, 9,000# truck minimum)

If you are in a hurry for your order, we have good freight options as well, and we are very excited to have negotiated excellent delivery service with FedEx that includes taking your order off of their truck and up to your door.

With so many schools now ordering from the east side of Kansas City, we will be making an even bigger effort to group deliveries and work with full districts to make sure all needs are met in an economically friendly way, especially during the back to school season. 

Here's what you can expect in our communication after you place your order: 

Email notifications will come from or and will contain your order number in the subject line

• First email lets you know we're looking at your order.  Sometimes we have a question or note for you, so do watch for that.

• Next, we'll let you know we are preparing your order (and we may have notes or questions at this stage too, so watch for that), sometimes we have a proposed delivery date or range in that email, but please don't take out your marble and chisel and set that date in stone, because it's really more like a message written on the sand before the tide comes in.  

•••If we have a crucial question, you will get an email that will really directly tell you in the subject line that we have an important question about your order, so definitely read that one.  

•••• You may also get an email indicating we have your order and are waiting for the truck to fill.  Then later, you may get an email specifically about scheduling the delivery.  Please know that you are probably one of many stops and we have to make the date work for everyone, so this is STILL a little bit of a message in the sand, but maybe one after the tide went back out... or something.  analogies are sometimes hard.  

••••• Soon after, if you don't get a reschedule email,  you will get an email letting you know we are finalizing that delivery, and at this point, you're pretty safe.  Unless we have some sort of freak storm come through or half of our staff gets some mutant virus (ooh...too soon?) that date is a pretty safe bet.  That email should also let you know what stop you are on the run.  The morning of the delivery, you will get an email to let you know your order is loaded on the truck and it is heading out.  This email will also give you a time frame for the expected arrival.  

You can always reply to any of these emails with any questions or comments you have.