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  • Adjustable Thickness Rolling Pin Adjustable Thickness Rolling Pin

    Adjustable Thickness Rolling Pin

    Removable discs allow for 4 different slab thickness options:  2 mm (1/16"), 6 mm (1/4") and 10 mm (7/16") disc sizes. Handles easily click on and off to adjust discs.   Barrel made of solid Beechwood. Barrel width 12" Barrel diameter...

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  • Bump Bump


    Have you ever made a hollow form and then tried to bump out the clay, only to find that you just can’t get your arm or your knuckle to the sweet spot? You need The Bump! The Bump is designed to extend the potter’s reach up to 18 inches when...

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  • Damask Flexi-bat

    Damask Flexi-bat

    Our Flexi-bats give a finished foot and a stamped impression on the pots bottom with no added effort or time! Because the bats create the pattern and the foot while you work, you spend zero to very minimal time trimming.  The bats also help potters...

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  • Fang Tool, Large

    Fang Tool, Large

    For when you really want to sink your teeth into your clay, grab all three small FANGS! Everyone’s clay is different. Some clays are fine, some are gritty. The FANG series of scoring tools allow you to find the right tooth size for the...

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  • Shimpo Banding Wheels

    Shimpo Banding Wheels

    SHIMPO’s banding wheels are used for decorating, sculpting, carving and hand building. Designed to provide reliably smooth and even rotation for the most delicate applications. It's no wonder they are the banding wheel of choice for studio artists,...

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  • The Steve Tool The Steve Tool

    The Steve Tool

    The Steve Tool is a texture application tool. It is a re-invention of the wheel designed specifically for clay. It doesn’t clog easy so you get lots of raw texture! Use the tool to apply texture to thrown or hand built work. View/download a 7 page...

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  • Think outside the Box: Darkness & Light Think outside the Box: Darkness & Light

    Think outside the Box: Darkness & Light

    Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer…Halloween looms closer and around here, we’re ready to bring on the dark! Dark clays, that is! We put together a great project pack for you featuring our DARK clays, some LIGHT underglaze...

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  • SALE
    Velvet Set #3 12 - 2 Oz Jars

    Velvet Set #3 12 - 2 Oz Jars

    This Velvet Underglaze set contains twelve 2 oz bottles of the following Velvet Underglaze colors: Royal Peach, Red, violet, Mint Green, Real Orange, Cinnamon, Amethyst, Hunter Green, Light Red, Maroon, Electric Blue, and Medium Brown. Safety Warning...

    MSRP: $81.00
    Was: $81.00
    Now: $65.00
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  • WA2 Kit

    WA2 Kit

    The WA2 is the master part of this System. It houses all the RD2 Forms with a 2-pin Key system.   Everything you need to create individual smooth edge salad and dinner plates.   Kit Includes: (1) WA2  (1) WA2 Key - includes 2...

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  • Xiem Tool Bag

    Xiem Tool Bag

    Note: Tools shown in pictures not included. Get organized! The Xiem Art Bag is designed for potters, artists and students who need an easy-access, efficient and breathable solution to ceramic tool storage. Built around a robust metal frame, the thick...

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