PC-49 Frosted Melon

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July 2014 Mid-Fire Glaze of the Month

AMACO PC-49 Frosted Melon is a very unique glaze with some qualities that can be exploited for additional interest. Heavy application of this glaze allows for a massive float which picks up just a touch of the glaze colorant with it as it forms a coating on top of the fired glaze. The coating cracks open and allows the darker tone of the glaze colorant to show through the cracks before it heals itself and smoothes out. The look is elegant with small slits of darker color showing through the white float. The soft float can be influenced dramatically with beautiful results by placing another pot near the glazed vessel that contains some iron compounds. The iron will volatilize in the kiln at cone 5/6 and fume the side of the pot allowing for some very naturally fumed looks often found in high fire work.

Frosted Melon benefits from a heavier application to achieve its color breaking effect. The glaze color is susceptible to variation due to iron fuming from nearby pots. This glaze is also great to use as a top glaze when layering with other AMACOеЁ Potter‰ЫЄs Choice glazes.

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  • $115 / 25# dry packaged in a 5 gallon bucket

The heavy float glazes are similar to the regular float glazes except that they float a full coverage of excess material which will actually crack on the surface float (and then heal over) showing contrast between the lighter floated material and the darker base color. If the glaze is not applied heavy enough, the float will not be thick enough to crack and show the contrast. The cracking float surface also makes these ideal for layering on top of other glazes. (A note of caution with these glazes they are easily fumed by near-by pots that contain iron compounds or other volatiles. This can also create a beautiful look if desired but keep this in mind.)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review