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Archie's Glazes

Coyote's most popular series! You can achieve stunning and amazingly varied results with a single glaze, or truly spectacular effects by layering over other glazes. This series is more demanding and the application is critical; too thin and they can be ugly, too thick and they will be runny. Food safe. Not all glazes will fit well on all clay bodies (nor do all clay bodies fit well with all glazes), so it is always a good idea to test a glaze on the clay you are using to insure they are compatible. Most of the Coyote glazes have fairly average expansion rates, and are likely to fit most average clay bodies. Coyote has one series of low expansion glazes that can shiver if used on a high expansion clay body, so care should be taken to make sure these glazes fit the clay you are using. They are: Archie's Base, Blue Purple, Eggplant, Gun Metal Green, Ice Blue, Opal, Red Gold and Rhubarb.